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La Enseñanza de Idiomas con la Web 2.0

Prof. Dafne González 

Tema: Los Blogs


En este blog, aprenderemos sobre blogs:

  • Qué es un blog
  • Características de un blog
  • Usos de un blog
  • Ejemplos de blogs educativos
  • Cómo crear un blog

¿Qué es un blog?

2 thoughts on “Bienvenidos!

  1. ester

    Hello Dafne,
    I have just started the unit 2 about BLOGS.
    Sorry by the delay! I will try to finish it as soon as possible
    Kind regards, Ester Molina.

  2. Isabel Agudo

    I know I am very very late but I am quite glad because I am learning a lot of things…
    thanks a lot for the information you are giving us!

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